Report : Traffic light status report 08/08/2020 13:03:17
Section Name Number of items
Green Green  375
Amber Amber  247
Red Red  361
Advice Advice  13
Black Black  4
Green 1 Green 1  94
Green 2 Green 2  85
Green 3 Green 3  9
Not Recomended / Black Not Recomended / Black  5
Red Amber Red Amber  14
Red Black Red Black  1
Unknown Unknown  3024

 Traffic Light Status Information

Status Description
 Green Suitable for use in primary care  
 Amber Specialist initiation. Shared care in place  
 Red Red do not use..  
 Advice Some formulations restricted  
 Black NICE "Do not do"  
 Green 1 1st line option  
 Green 2 2nd line option  
 Green 3 3rd line option only  
 Not Recomended / Black Low Value Medicine not recommended for use - see NHSE guidelines  
 OTC This preparation should be bought over the counter for self-care  
 Red Amber Check product description for traffic light status  
 Red Black Low Value Medicine